A Little About Me

A Little About Me


the hawk and beard

      Here is a little about me and what I want this website to be. I am a 28 year old (29 very soon) who has lived with back pain that has been un-diagnosed for well over 7 years along with the back pain comes various side effects of it including blackouts, tremors, and muscle weakness that will all get covered in future posts. I haven’t been to medical school so all my suggestions are my own coping mechanisms that work for me but may also work for some people who will read this.

Some posts that are coming soon will be about the lead up to the birth of our baby boy due in June and how we are prepping and after that there will be posts (and pictures) of how we deal with a miniature us along with things people never told us about when dealing with a baby or stuff that people tell us we will “look forward to” dealing with.

Although I am in constant pain I do still enjoy some things in the world such as cooking and going to watch films and spending time with my gorgeous wife (whatjessicadid), all the food posts that will be written will be fairly straight forward and detailed so that everyone with any level of cooking ability can cook meals that taste lovely.

In day to day life I do not work due to my back and we are fighting to get me disability, I personally look on the bright side of things as being in constant pain sucks but does not mean that I am totally useless.

I do enjoy playing games on my xbox and will put reviews about games on the console especially now that there are free games every 2 weeks that may be old but are still mostly enjoyable. I also enjoy board games and card games which will also occasionally get posts written about them. I have also recently taken up a hobby or 2 which I’ll elaborate on if I stick with it if it doesn’t cause me extra pain.

More about me will be added as I get more and more into writing this blog and more about my back will be revealed in the posts that will be categorized as “back pain”


So please enjoy the site and email me on thehawkandbeard@gmail.com if you make any of the food and take pics so every now and again I can put up posts showing how others got along with the recipies, I’ll also take ideas for foods and random things to write about.