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Do You Find It Hard To Relax & Sleep

One of my main problems with my back pain is getting relaxed as finding that important position where you can fall asleep can be near impossible. This makes any fixes your body is able to make while you are asleep pratically non-existant as you get little to no sleep. My way around this is to sleep little and often which has ended up being a couple to 4 hours at night and sometimes some during the day.

Problems Getting To Sleep

Now back to getting to sleep I’ve still not found after over 6 years a perfect way to beat the pain to get to sleep, I was on pain killers such as Tramadol that helped as they practically knocked me out. I haven’t used sedatives personally except the herbal Nightol pill that you can get almost anywhere as they have bad effects on me. Mostly those effects are nightmares that you cannot wake from or that I wake up feeling worse.

Now instead I figured reading helps me almost get out of my mind as I enjoy fantasy books by authors such as Brandon Sanderson, Trudi Canavan, Terry Brooks, Brent Weeks, Mark Lawrence, George R.R Martin and Robert Jordan to name a few but I will do books soon. The reason I chose books like these were to get my mind focused entirely on a fantasy world so im not thinking about the pain and 80% of the time it works really well.
Other than books the only other way I’ve found that helps is to watch a film, now unlike books a film can be difficult to use to fall asleep, as you need to find a film that you know well enough that you can relax because you know whats coming. But you need to not get a film that bores you as you then start to think on other things and then you end up not sleeping at all. When its a film I generally go for animated as they are funny and easy to watch and relax to such as any Toy Story, Monsters¬†Inc, Big Hero 6, Nightmare Before Christmas and films like that or films such as Adams Family Values, Fight Club, Leon and films like those.

So all in all to get to sleep I prefer reading for 30 mins to an hour or 2 to get into a suitably relaxed state. But on occasions I will use a film to do the same. When Its a film I will use the TV’s auto off feature set for 2 hours so it’s not left on.

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