Medications : Are The Side Effects Worth It

I was looking at the list of side effects today of my pain killer patches and it looks just as scary as every other strong pain killer I have been on, and I had one of those random trains of thought that I get a lot.

Side Effects : Are They Worth It

That are these side effects worth the pros of the meds, for me right now the only major plus is that I have more movement and less pain around 50% of the time. However the side effects I am having are more nose bleeds (not too bad as I get nose bleeds fairly often but the frequency has increased to 2-4 a week).
I also sleep less which isn’t good as I barely sleep as it is but when I am so exhausted that I do sleep without setting alarms I sleep 8-12 hours which is once or twice a week.
Smaller ones are an intermittent appetite or a struggle concentrating or small spells of dizziness and a loss of balance which has led to a few falls where I have hit my head on items or walls

Some of the meds I have been on have been horrific but I’ve had .a few that were great meds but their effectiveness on the top dose wasnt working.

So all in all my non medical personal advice is that if the meds are working then stick with them through small side effects because in the last 6 nearly 7 years I have not had a single medication that has not given me any side effects but you must look at what you can handle with the pain you are in, some will affect your moods or personality which I have had bad experiences with but again that is down to you because some of the stronger meds are also antidepressants or mood stabilizers which might be a good thing if you are brought down by your pain.

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