Pain Killers or Anti-Depressants What Are they Prescribing

Pain Killers or Anti-Depressants What Are they Prescribing


Now this is a little bit of a touchy subject as some people don’t realise and some people don’t care and others don’t know what to think, and up to recently I was part of the third and first group when it came down to pain medication for my back and I always wondered why some of the stronger pain meds that are on offer would make me feel numb or dull or make it hard to be as energetic about things. I apologise if this post comes across badly it is meant to be my own experiences with GP’s and Doctors.

The touchy part of this is that some people have told me including some doctors that the doctors know best as they have spent years at university and years of experience in knowing what people want or need. I am one of the lucky people where our doctors has about 15 different GP’s I can see to find one who will listen to what I want from them and not just listen for 2 mins to then give me something I’ve already had or something to get me out the door in the less than 5 min appointment time they have to adhere to which is crazy as sometimes it takes 5 mins to just explain what the problem is and then 5 more to figure out the next step and then 5 more to figure out a medication that hasn’t been tried. However my biggest annoyance is that if you have a face to face or telephone appointment and you specifically say I DO NO NEED ANTI-DEPRESSANTS that they then prescribe you a “pain medication” that is used primarily as an anti-depressant and then you spend the next 4 weeks trying to figure out why you feel off and the difficulty you have explaining yourself to the next doctor or at the next appointment. Now I’m not ranting on and on to say DO NOT TAKE these pills as some people will feel better and they might work, it’s just that I’m fed up with having the doctors not listen to my requests all due to rules thrown in by the government about GP appointment times and quotas. And I’m not saying this for certain but I’d stake my left leg on it that all the people who put these rules in place have no issue with NHS’s GP’s as they are probably paid enough to go to a private hospital to be seen and get 30 min appointments.


I apologise if you are reading this and just think what a dick but sometimes you just have to write how you feel about things like this, although it will most likely make no difference to the way things are run but it makes me mad that there are too many doctors not properly listening to patients because of time restraints or many other reasons and I think its wrong and potentially dangerous. I personally have not been on pain medications for a while as the only ones I’ve been offered change my moods too much or make me a virtual zombie and with current situations I want to avoid that at all costs even if it gives me a significant increase in the pain level I have to cope with.

Please comment if you have come across this from your doctors and please include if you are outside the UK I’d love to know if its localised to here or a world wide issue.


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