The Monster That Is Back Pain

The monster of back pain


When you are in severe or even minor back pain I found that the biggest problem initially is accepting that there is a lot of pain and it does change everything, from when you need to go to the bathroom, to how you get dressed to what activities you can do. The firs and last things are disheartening as personally they were huge problems for me to come to terms with being as stubborn as i am i found it hard to accept help from my wife in getting stood up. As well as losing the ability to go play pool, go swimming and going bowling, since then I have found other ways if being entertained like reading playing video games (this will be covered in a later post).
But the whole idea of coming to terms with back pain can be helped by having a diagnosis as some people I’ve spoken to have and that gives them clarity over what is happening. But if like me and there is no diagnosis then it has been a long and difficult struggle to come to terms that I have severe limitations and to find peace in the things I can still do. In this having my wife there to support me through some very difficult times fr a&e visits to days where I cannot move has been the key for me not to spiral into depression and it makes me very feel extremely lucky to have her in my life (
But accepting the pain is very hard and for some a long process but the main thing to remember is to know you are not alone and don’t be scared to ask for help like I was in the beginning and sometimes still as I have too much pride and stubbornness in me and all that does is cause the pain to worsen.
Please feel free to comment or email me ( asking any questions and I’ll do Q&A posts or full posts if its something that I feel needs a lot said.

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