Too Hot or Too Cold That Is The Question : Part 1


Too Hot, Too Cold, Just Right

One of the first things I was told to try when my back first went was heat packs. Now I’m not saying heat packs or cold packs don’t work but with my pain covering such a large area it is very difficult to find which will help or hinder. Personally it’s hit or miss but hot does work more often than cold. When it comes to getting the heat to the spot there are 3 ways I like. However something I will keep saying throughout this blog is that back pain being the way it is, it can be very difficult to find out what is comfortable, however after a time you get to know the pain and how it will respond to hot or cold as a form of relief. Below are my 3 personal ways of getting heat to the spot with cold being in another post soon. (Please read the disclaimer before taking any ideas)

First is a hot water bottle, I like this because you can make it as hot or cold as needed. The hot water bottle works well when its a small area of discomfort or you just need a small amount of heat relief. I wouldn’t recommend this as a good solution to large areas of pain.

Second way of getting warm to help is as simple as getting a blanket or 3 and getting under them preferentially to cuddle up to a loved one but I have found that getting warm slowly under a set of covers doesn’t relieve the pain fast, but in a slow controlled way that is oddly relaxing and one of the few ways I can get to a pain state that will help me sleep.

Thirdly and for my personal preference is a bath or shower. This again like the hot water bottle is great for its ajustability. But with a bath the entire body is heated and although its effects are short lived, usually only 2-4 hours for me, but when you are in permanent pain a few hours is bliss. Where a bath warms all of your body, a shower is great for the same reason but with the added bonus of a small massage as well, however that pressure can hurt as much as it could help. Its the bad point of a bad back what helps one day might hurt like hell the next.

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