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Too Hot or Too Cold, That Is The Question : Part 2

I’ve already covered heat in helping with a bad back in part 1 and the 3 ways I will use it to help, however I do also use cold to help on occasions, I use cold a lot less than I do heat because I find although it helps it dosent help with my back directly. One of the problems I have with my back is that it causes pain in my arms, legs, neck and hips although the use of cold does not help with my back or neck if I have walked a good distance or have slept badly cold can help my arms, legs (mainly my knee from an old injury and my ankles) as these areas can swell up a little and cause more pain and discomfort.

Dealing With Pain Using COLD

I do only have 2 ways of administering the cold to an affected area.
First is that i will run 6-8 inches of pure cold water in a bath and soak my ankle or use a towel soaked in the cold water and regularly resoaked and wraped around the problem area. If it is my whole leg I will use cool water and not cold with the shower to gently cool the area as well as giving it a gentle massage.
The other way is to use a gel pack ( or a bag of ice, or frozen peas) and press it against the area where it is needed however of you go this route i suggest you wrap it in a small towel to stop you getting cold burns on that area.

So all in all I use cold for areas swollen and in pain due to stiffness and swollen pain and heat for when I ache and need large area muscle relaxing and heat when my back hurts, both help in their own ways its just that you have to figure out which type of pain it is

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