Savill’s Barbers Sheffield – Independant Review

Savill’s Barbers Sheffield

This is not a paid for review but based of my own experiences at Savill’s in Sheffield. Which I have to say is the best place to have your beard and hair done in sheffield, yorkshire, hell I’d say in the UK after the first experience I’m a lifetime customer

(Photo with thanks from Savills Sheffield)

Hair Cut

I have found that a lot of barbers you get exactly what you pay for and that is certainly the case with Savills being £20 or £22 with an appointment which I’d suggest doing unless you go in early as it gets busy which is always great to see and a great sign of a good place to go. I know £20 is something some people will frown upon but for the experience and the quality of the cuts personally I think its bang on money. I have a Mohawk that I’ve had some hairdressers say they wont do or cant do but here I was told “please take a seat and tell me exactly how you want it” I’ve been using Savills for about 2-3 years every 10-16 weeks and I had so much faith in their skills I trusted them to cut my hair and beard on my wedding day 3 hours before I actually said the 2 best words of my life “I DO” so all in all for a hair cut I will now go nowhere else for it again. One last point I have coloured hair and there was not even an eyelash batted in my direction when I sit in the chair to get it cut even though I always apologise in case the colour dyes the barbers finders a strange colour.


Beard trims/cuts/shaves

Of all the times i worry about going to a barber having a cutthroat razor near my neck still scares the crap out of me, but when I sit in a Savills chair and have a wet shave/beard trim I feel comfortable as I’d liken the hot foam and towel followed by a cold towel and then a spot on trim. Along with a trim i get my cheeks shaved and my neck shaved too and it leaves an unbelievable finish and as some people have commented on pictures after “dapper as fuck” this service is 15 without an appointment or 17 with but its the equivalent of a day at the spa for your face and only takes upto half an hour and I’d swear my beard on it that its worth every penny and every second of the experience and after you’ll be looking foward to next time.

Atmosphere inside

The atmosphere inside is lovely as you can see the staff enjoy themselves and clients enjoy the calm and fun atmosphere. Along with the great choices in music and even the birds in the cage and the giant bull above the door it keeps it wonderfully nice. And all that makes the sometimes long wait if you have a sit and wait appointment.

The following pictures are a before and after from my last visit to Savills

And then an hour in Savills turned into this

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