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The Beard Lab Co

This is a non-paid for review of The Beard Lab Co I bought the Beard Care Kit primarily because I didn’t own a nice wooden comb and I virtually out of oil so I asked around on some of the Facebook beard groups where I could get a great oil for a reasonable price and was pointed in the direction of The Beard Lab Co as being everything I was looking for. I have been using the oils and balm for about 2 weeks now.

When it comes down to buying oils I prefer to avoid the Bay Rum and Tobacco and Whiskey smells as I prefer the citrus and natural scents a bit more.


When I got the Beard Mail I was excited as I love to get things in the post, its just a weird quirk of who I am. So when I opened the parcel I was pleasantly rewarded by a well packaged black box with nice gold inlay on the box which spoke of the care put into the image of the company.Then I opened it to see the 2 oils, the balm and the wooden comb on a straw like bed with some padding under it giving a lovely display to the box, making me more understand the company bi-line “Luxury For All”

So now down to the Products

Beard Comb

First was the beard comb as I didn’t own one before now apart from a plastic Kent comb I wanted this box as it had everything I wanted all rolled into one with what looked like a nice quality wooden comb and that is exactly what I got the comb has some give in the wood but isn’t flimsy so it didn’t break going through my much knotted beard but worked wonders for my beard. The comb has the company name and slogan on it in giving it the last little touch to make it a well thought out addition to any man’s beard care kit.

Beard Oils Amber & Obsidian

These oils came in 30ml glass bottles with glass droppers in them that reach virtually to the bottom of the bottle which is nice as I have had a few bottles from other brands that haven’t reached the bottom making it difficult to get the last of the oil out. With these oils they are wonderfully smooth with scents that last a good 5-7 hours. They also do not react with my very sensitive skin which is a massive plus considering that I hate having to deal with itchy skin under the beard. The other part of these oils is that they don’t make the beard hair greasy or slick but give a nice gentle shine making the grey hairs less obvious and making the hair look and feel healthier and less wiry. With these oils I also do not need to constantly top up what I have in as I like to add oil every other day after using a beard wash or cleanser.

Amber Oil

This oil was described scent wise as

“” The luxury Amber has top notes of Cedarwood and sweet orange with undernotes of clove bud and lavender. This is all blended into sweet almond and jojoba which have great benefits for the hair and skin underneath. Topped of with Vitamin E all to keep it smelling great all day. “”

This is pretty accurate and as I’m not usually a fan of Cedarwood as a scent I was sceptical of this oil but was pleasantly surprised that I liked the smell a lot as the sweet orange comes out quite a lot after applying. Along with the smell the Vitamin E oil used within is great for the skin under the oil keeping it from drying out so it is also a great skin care product.

Obsidian Oil

This Oil was described as

“”The Obsidian oil Starts with coconut oil and grape seed, and then we add Spearmint, lavender, Sicilian Lemon and sweet orange. This is more of a fresh scented oil while the Amber is more manly and subtle””

Now this is divine in my view the Spearmint is kept from being an overpowering scent by using the lavender and the lemon and orange which once you apply it come in little hints of scent after you get the hint of spearmint which leaves you with a fresh smell in your nose for a good few hours. This is the perfect wakeup oil giving you that last wakeup jolt in the morning to make you feel revitalised and refreshed. This is most certainly and oil that I will be repurchasing once I run out to keep on my shelf as a go oil. Again like the amber oil this doesn’t leave you with a greasy beard and is good for the skin underneath with a nice medium shine on the beard and relatively east to wash out with a beard wash or cleanser.

Beard Balm

Now unfortunately I wasn’t totally impressed with this as a beard balm as it felt almost too soft to the touch which did make it easy to apply but didn’t give much of a hold to the wayward hairs that I was hoping for. However it has a similar scent to the amber oil and does make a good addition to the oil when its in your beard, BUT if you use too much (more than a skittle sized amount on a medium length thick beard like mine) it will leave your beard feeling a little greasy and sticky but the second time I used it that effect was still there but much less so and subsided after about and hour. The plus side is that I think the packaging is superb with the tin with a sliding top which makes it easy to get into and with still a pretty secure lid.




All in all I would suggest this to buy, as a box as the products are high quality and enjoyable to use with a scent that doesn’t overpower your nose but will make your better halves come closer for a kiss and a sniff, they are very well packaged with thought to the logo and labels that are simplistic but eye-catching at the same time. Also being British made in North Yorkshire makes me even happier to buy from The Beard Lab Co.

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