Beard Lab – Product Review

This review was meant to be written 10-11 weeks ago but as my wife and I have just had a baby boy I’ve been a bit distracted from writing and that I apologise for.

Also since receiving the Beard Lab oil, wax and soap from a prise draw win on the Guardians of the beard Facebook group I have also been lucky to be made a brand ambassador for Beard Lab with the discount code of “hawkbeard” for a nice discount off of their brilliant products ,and I do not claim brilliant just because I am one of their brand ambassadors but for the reasons below as well. I have taken the pictures of the products from the website as my own are worn down and not in a state to be photographed.

So now for the unbiast product review

The Scientist Beard Oil

This oil for £9.99 is probably the best value you will find pretty much anywhere. The oil itself is fantastic as it gives me a softness that lasts all day and a scent that lasts 3-5 hours which matches and exceeds the time on all the beard oils I have tried. The scent is of Turkish Delight which is one of my greatest guilty pleasures so I feel great every time I use it. I’d 100% say that the guys at Beard Lab have won with this so I can do nothing but give it a 10/10 with the extreme added bonus that my 9 week old baby does not react to this on his skin and seems to love the smell and feel it gives my beard with added bonus that he cannot get a firm grip of the hair to pull my beard hairs out.

Next we have the Darwin beard and moustache wax

Now I’m not a big user of wax as my beard is only a medium length and I trim my moustache down so I cannot make the twirl at the end however I have played around with it attempting the twirl with no luck on the shape but the wax does hold damn well and again like the oil above the smell is fantastic and lasts a good few hours. I have used this wax for a laugh in my hair to hold my 3 inch Mohawk up and that was successful for around 2 hours without hair spray which in this awful summer heat I thought was a damn fine win. The soft lime smell is wonderfully refreshing and nice to have in your moustache and  beard. As I do not use wax often and have not tried many others I’d have to give this an 8/10 as I did not hold for quite as long as I wanted but was easy to use and did hold well while it held. And at £9.99 its a damn good price for what you get as the jar is bigger than most waxes that you can buy on the market.

And last but most certainly not least is the Beard Science Soap

Now this is something that I will not be without so long as I have a beard as this stuff is phenomenal, now this is not just the brand ambassador trying to sell a soap but coming from a dad who has had a beard full of baby vomit that smells like gone off milk and is damned horrible to get out of your beard and I have tried multiple different soaps and shampoos to get the smell out and all take multiple washes and then I used this and just wow for £3.99 there just isn’t anything that comes close to being as good a beard shampoo/wash than this and being a 100g block of soap it will last you pretty well. So thanks again to the guys from Beard Lab for creating this and I just have to give it 11/10 and a permanent space in the bathroom to keep my beard as clean and smelling nice as I can.

and with multiple different scents from the lime like the wax to jelly beans you have a good choice to keep anyone happy and I have to admit I will be buying the jelly bean next time as again like the Turkish delight jelly beans are one of my guilty pleasures in life.


And again  I’d like to thank the brilliant guys at Beard Lab for running the competition that I won to get these items, and an even bigger thank you for picking me to become one of your brand ambassadors so if you want a nice discount on use the discount code hawkbeard and you will not be sorry for your purchases as these are amazing products that have scents that are not like most other beard care brands out there.

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