Napiers the Herbalists Beard Starter Box : An Unbiast Review

  • This is an honest non paid for review of the Napiers Beard Club Starter Kit which I have been using for about 1 week at the point of me writing this.
  • A huge thanks to Napier’s Beard Club and The British Beard Club for the opportunity to get this wonderful box of goodies which contained.
    • 200ml bottle of beard shampoo
    • 10ml bottle of Natural Beard Oil
    • 30ml Bottle of Beard Spritz
    • 15ml tin of Whisker Wax
    • A Drawstring Bag for my goodies when I travel
  • Napiers Beard Club Starter Pack
  •         To start with the first product I used was the “Kind To Your Face Beard Shampoo” which has this lovely sweet bay leaf scent to it which straight away made me want to use it as I have this weakness to sweet smells and citrus. The shampoo gives a wonderful clean that isn’t harsh to the skin or beard but is really good at getting that days oil/balm/wax out without needing a hell of a lot of product which makes it great value for money. I’d give this a 9/10 (just because the bottle lid is hard for me to use while in the bath).
  •        Next was the Natural Beard Oil which has the scents of cedar-wood, lime, chamomile and sandalwood this kind of combo isn’t usually my preference as I’m not a fan of sandalwood but this combo has a lovely afternoon/evening scent that is quite relaxing. Also the quality of the oil is very smooth and softens my beard hair and gives it a good scent where the softening lasts about 5-8 hours and the scent lasts about 3 hours, also the glass bottle and dropper is great and I personally use only 5-7 drops of the oil for my sideburns and full beard. This oil I’d give a 8/10 as the scent isn’t usually what I’d use usually but I do like the smell a lot after 3-4 days of use.
  •       Now is a product I have never seen anywhere else which is a Beard Spritz which has a very similar scent to the oil but is a water with oil suspended in it so it works similar to the oil but I use it as a top-up while I’m out and its crazy nice refreshing, the only downside of it being a spray bottle is that it goes in my mouth sometimes and dosent taste good at all. The only other downside is that the scent of the spritz is not the same as the oil but when combined after a few hours of wear they combine very nicely and make me feel confident. I’d give this a 7/10 as it is very nice after a few hours but I do get it in my mouth sometimes and I’m not a fan of the spray nozzle but the glass bottle is a nice way of keeping the product clean and nice and fresh.
  •     And the last product that was in the box was the Whisker Wax now I don’t use wax in my beard for my Whiskers but I tried this and found it has a good hold and scent to it and the hold seemed to have a good strength to it. So I’d say it is a good product but not one I’d use on a general basis maybe if I need to keep my beard in a particular place on a bad weather day. I’d give this a 9/10 as its got a nice scent and a good hold and does everything it should do.

beard booklets

  • Also in the package was 3 little booklets that are interesting to read one is a BEARDOPEDIA “Beard Care for the Novice” which has some great tips for looking after your beard. Another was FACE AND BEARD “Shape and Style Guide” which helps explain the best way to shape your beard depending on your face shape. And the third is a “how to take care of your thyroid” which is something that I spent half an hour reading and found interesting especially that I never thought about my thyroid before.

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