Scruff Stuff Marshmallow & Beard Conditioner

Scruff Stuff

This is a non paid for review for Scruff Stuff marshmallow beard oil.

This is a wonderfully soft oil that makes the skin under the beard feel great as well as giving the beard hair a nice sheen and softness that lasts all day. However I bought this specific oil because of the name and was hoping it would smell like marshmallows which unfortunately it doesn’t but it is a pleasantly sweet smell which I do like but it isn’t marshmallow.

One of the things Scruff Stuff offer is a subscription service which gets you a new beard oil every month which is about how long a 15ml oil should last most people with a medium length beard.

Beard Conditioner

Along with the oil was a sample of the much raved about Beard Conditioner that everywhere I look everyone who’s used it loves it a lot.

Now I’ve used what I got which lasted me a good number of washes and I’ll admit I was surprised at how good it makes my beard feel afterwards, as it gave my beard hair an almost fluffy look and feel however I have only one drawback and that is that I have very sensitive skin and it did react a little to my skin under my beard making it itch in a couple places. With the itchy places once I’d added some oil to my beard that contained Vit E oil the itching subsided pretty quick and my beard was re-tamed from the fluffiness but if you have issues with having a wiry beard then I’d happily suggest trying the conditioner out.

Now James at scruff stuff is a great guy and will reply quite quickly to any query’s and he ahs created quite a diverse range of scents that should contain at least one or two for every taste. And being a British Brand Scruff Stuff is a company I can get behind.

The branding is also something that makes me happy as the design on the bottles is clear and professional and gives a nice crisp view so if you had a few bottles its easy and quick to see exactly what you are picking out.


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