Beard Trimming, Tidying & Touching Up

Keeping a beard tidy so you don’t look crazy or unkempt can be difficult, although beard balms are great for most the day they are not perfect. I will have a post soon on the balms and oils that I own and love to use. However you will need to occasionally have your beard trimmed and cleaned up by either yourself or by a barber shop that does beards.

Beard Trimming & Tidying

I most definatley love Savills on Division Street Sheffield as they are lovely people and do a great job, I love to go for a hot shave where they use hot and cold towels conditioning oils and shaving creams with cut throat razors for the edges and scissors n combs for the trimming and styling, I’d say its my equivalent to a woman going for a facial as it takes half an hour n although its about £20 if you book or £12 of you sit and wait which can take a while, it is 110% worth the treat. (but more on them next time I go) and I had them do my beard and hair on the day of my wedding which was an epic day (again that’ll come soon in a post with my top pics from the day). But back to trimming if like me you dont have much cash and cant afford to go often, I just got a great little pair of “beauty” scissors from superdrug for £5.50 and a Kent Comb from boots for £4.50 to tidy my beard up, I use the comb to get rid of knots and to straighten the hair and to hold crazy hairs (that just stick out wherever they like) in place as I trim them to make them easier to cut and tidy my beard up so I look clean and tidy. This is also a good boost to me with my back as when i feel cleaner and tidier it makea me happier which makes dealing with constant daily pain easier and less of a struggle

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