Tactical Beards : Unbiased Product Review

This review is not a promoted or paid for review as I bought these myself after joining some beard groups on Facebook and becoming aware of some great beard oil companies and Tactical Beards being one of them. I bought 2 oils one being Winter Soldier and the other being Happy Soldier, These oils may be £19.99 a bottle however you get 30ml and a bottle that dosent leak with a glass stopper, the bottles are a fantastic start to these products as the lids have the childproof caps that you find on pill bottles to prevent the lid coming off easily and spilling the oil everywhere. On top of the great bottles I like the logo as its simple and conveys that the guys who make these oils are former military which I have enormous respect for.

The oil itself is the best I have had from any company as the specific blend that makes up the carrier oils that give the oil its texture and abilities to soften the beard hair and skin underneath is perfect, so guys please don’t tweak it, I use it 2-3 times a week and my beard has never been softer and easier to tame.


The Oils I Bought

The First of the oils I tried was the Winter Soldier, now a lot of people will not like this smell as it is made up of wintergreen which is a medicated smell similar to the smell of hospitals when I was a kid, I however like the smell and it came in very useful when I got it delivered as I had the Flu and Hayfever, where this oil helped keep my nose clear and is a great wake me up in the mornings. But do be warned this is a strong medicated smell that some will not like but I think some will like it, especially those who have gone through basic in the army/navy, but I for one do like the smell and the quality of the oil is perfect.


The Second Oil was the Happy Soldier which has become my most used oil as the citrus smell is wonderful it is very strong when you first apply it however after a min or 2 that eases off and you get a lovely scented beard that is so very soft for a good 3-5 hours where if you would like the smell again you only need 1-2 more drops to re-scent your beard from the original 5-6 drops that you put on to start with.  I am a big fan of this oil and will most certainly be re-buying this again and again as I love it.


Within the order was a small sample tin of wax/balm that I have used once so far that is a similar smell to the happy soldier that has a longer lasting scent than the oils but with a wonderful medium-strong hold to keep your beard in place on those wonderful British windy and wet days. This also does not give a greasy after feel to the beard like some of the balms I have used in the past, However the one thing I am not a fan of with this is the way I had to use a beard shampoo and not my usual beard cleanser to get it out as the shampoo dries the hair out and requires me to use more oil the next time I apply it.


I’d love to see any comments from anyone else who has used Tactical Beard products and what you thought of them, as all in all I am a huge fan of them and am interested in any new scents coming in the future.

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