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The Wheel Of Time – Robert Jordan


The wheel of time series of books is a fantasy epic of massive proportions making lord of the rings look like a puddle compared to an ocean in landscape and character depth and numbers. I’ve read this series twice now (all 14 books and a pre book).

(book 1 front cover in the modern/new style)

I wont lie and tell you its doable in a week most people dont devour books at the same speed I do but once youve read the first 3 chapters of book one your hooked and you just have to reaf and read, and as you do you grow to love and care about the characters and their own parts they play and their feelings. Now there are 15+ characters in this with 3-8 being main characters depending on how you class them.

(The wheel of time map, it may look small but in practice it is enormous and extends east and north significantly during the books)

Robert Jordan did die during the writing of these books which was upsetting as to find an author with the right style and personal love and care for the story to use the material left behind by Robert Jordan cant have bern easy but they did about a perfect a job as possible with Brandon Sanderson who was able to carry on the story with as vivid detail as the first 10 books were making you laugh and worry with as much intensity as Robert Jordan did. Brandon Sanderson has become one of my most loved authors since as I have read virtually every book he has released and await more with anticipation (but thats for another post or I’ll ramble on for hundreds of lines more).


However without giving spoilers out for the story it is Good vs Evil with some grey area inbetween with different groups believing they are right in the definition of good much like religions now, aswel as monsters, creatures and magic and a small amount of politics. Personally I’d not reccomend the series for anyone below 15 as I dont think they would understand vast quantities of it,or the violence and small amount of sexual refrences within the books. But I whole heartedly reccomend it as a series of books to read as it is all too easy to lose yourself in them for hours at a time due to the rich and detailed description and the world it is set in.

On the plus side there are also rumours and small articles saying that it has been picked up for TV which could push this to the level of fame as Game Of Thrones but on a personal level having read both series which are excellent, personally this is offers a richer story with characters that you cant but help falling in love with and with a lot fewer of them dying.

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