Brilliant Authors & Books : Reasons Why I Read

This is the first in a series of posts on authors that have written books and series of books that are in epic universes, have addictive stories, and have wonderful insights that make you think. Most of the books I read are fantasy or sci-fi this is for 2 reasons one is that I like to immerse myself into a book and with fantasy books a good author has an almost free reign

with what he or she wishes. The other reason is kind of linked with the first due to the richness of some of the worlds or universes created I almost zone out of my own surroundings when reading them as my imagination builds the universe inside my head, this is a great because it helps me almost zone out of myself enough that I’m almost but not quite blocking my pain out which for me is amazing as I live in consistent pain anything like this is great to help me relax and get to sleep.
There is a third reason that’s just more of a side note and that is reading also helps keep my dyslexia in check.

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