Don’t Feed The Bears Clothing – Review (non-paid for)

Don’t Feed The Bears – Product Review

This is a non paid for product review for Don’t Feed The Bears clothing and prints that are handmade in Sheffield England. I have 2 T-shirts and 1 Jumper from them and to be purely honest I love the quality and designs and I love them even more now that 3XL sizes are available.


My First Purchase

My first purchase was quite a while back in October or November as I wanted a jumper and then I saw this design and instantly fell in love with it and had to have it as I’m quite proud of my beard, so how could I pass up a jumper which had a giant beard with a beard and sailors jumper on.

This was bought when the largest size available was a 2XL so it is a little snug on the neck for me but its still awesome and still soft after a large number of washes and A HELL OF ALOT OF WEARS. For a handmade screen printed design the jumper was a very reasonable £29 which I was happy to pay as the quality is there and still is.

My second Purchase

Now this was a spur of the moment buy while in Birds Yard Sheffield and my lovely wife had to convince me into buying it as I don’t like spending money on myself and I cant argue with a pregnant woman. Plus again this is an epic design of a Bear dressed and armed like a Viking riding a T-rex, this is a 3XL which is a new size addition to Don’t Feed The Bears that makes me very happy inside.

My 3rd Item

Now this wasn’t bought but won on a Facebook giveaway which I was ecstatic to win and was delivered within a week which was awesome and made my night when I won and made me even happier when I received it. my only minor bug with this design is that it is quite small on the 3XL T-shirt compared to the other designs but I still love the design especially the moustache and bow-tie on the T-Rex (like the T-shirt shown above)

now with the T-shirts along with the jumper the fabric is very high quality and keeps its softness between washes and the prints don’t wash out of the fabric.

Along with the win I also received an awesome pin badge which again is awesome and may need to be the design I choose for my next t-shirt or jumper.

Along with the T-shirts and Jumpers all the designs are available as prints. Of these I am in love with the Baby Bear, Papa Bear and Momma Bear prints and I may have to buy the Papa Bear T-shirt after my son is born.


All in all if you are after something a little different that will bring a smile to your face every time you see the design I’d whole heartedly recommend Don’t Feed The Bears for yourself or as a gift as there are other colours other than grey and there is a subscription service for a T-shirt a month that saves you a bit of money and you get a T-shirt sent to you once a month.

And on top of all this if you do an online order and you have a twitter account you get a twitter post with you tagged in showing your item of clothing in the process of being screen printed which is such a cool little touch and a funky view into the process.

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