Easy Sunday Roast Dinner To Impress Everyone

Easy Sunday Roast Dinner To Impress Everyone


This recipe takes about 2 hours and 20 mins to cook and prep but it is easy to do and tastes wonderful. All the temperatures are based on my own oven and hobs.

Sunday  Roast


sunday roast 1

  • 6-10 fist sized potatoes (2-3 per person)
  • A 1.5kg chicken
  • 2 carrots
  • pre-cooked frozen Yorkshire puddings (for ease)
  • Paxo Sage and Onion Stuffing (I use a lot as I love stuffing)
  • Gravy
  • 1 tablespoon of butter (used later in the recipie) and a teaspoon of sugar
  • Mixed herbs or basil, thyme and oregano to flavor the chicken
  • 1 roasting bag for the chicken

The How to

To start with you will need to preheat the oven to 180 Celsius. While the oven is heating sprinkle the chicken with a few pinches of the herb mix and place in the roasting bag and seal.

sunday roast 2

Then get the chicken in the oven and set an alarm for 2 hours (20 mins longer for every half kilo more delaying the recipe by the same amount as the rest takes an hour and a half), this is longer than is usual for a 1.5 kg chicken which most people will suggest 1 and a half hours, but in a roasting bag I give it longer so when it comes out the chicken is easily separated from the bones and is tender and moist. This is where having a mobile phone with multiple alarms comes in handy as you will want an alarm for 30 mins for the next step.

Next comes taking a third of the potatoes and peeling them and cutting them into 2 inch pieces or quarters for fist sized potatoes. You will need to boil them for 20-30 mins until cooked and when stabbed with a sharp knife slide straight off the blade.

Once you start boiling them put about half and inch deep oil in a roasting dish and place the dish in the oven to get the oil very hot.

sunday roast 3sunday roast 4

sunday roast 7

Once they have been cooked drain them in a colander carefully as the potato will be very soft, then gently rock the colander to gently rough the outside of the potatoes. At this point very carefully put these potatoes into the roasting dish with the oil, the oil will spit as you add the potatoes, to do this I used a silicone serving spoon to avoid being burnt.

sunday raost 8

At this point there should be about an hour left on the chicken, with these potatoes you need to turn them over every 15 mins to crisp the outside of them all over.

At this point I started prepping the other potatoes in the same way but not putting them into a pan of boiling water until there was 40 mins left on the chicken, at the same time as the potatoes i peeled the carrots and sliced them into 1cm slices and put them onto boil for 30 mins.

sunday roast 6sunday roast 5

Once these are cooked i drained them individually and into the carrots I added some butter and a little sugar and put it on a low heat turning them over regularly to coat the carrots giving glazed carrots (something of a luxury and a favorite of mine).

With the potatoes I added a splash of milk and a small amount of butter (about a teaspoon or 2) and mashed them up until smooth. However just before mashing the potatoes I put the kettle on for the gravy (I use instant gravy for ease and good flavour) and for the sage and onion stuffing.

sunday roast 10sunday roast 11sunday roast 8

At this point follow the instructions for making the stuffing on the box, I use a microwave to heat it up further.

While this is happening take the chicken out and open the bag carefully so you do not steam burn your face or arms with the steam from inside the bag. Then proceed to remove the meat from the bones the chicken at this point should have been in for about 2 hours if you have a 1.5kg chicken, the meat should come off the bones easily almost if not just falling off the bones as you peel it apart. Roasting bags can be gotten from most supermarkets, sometimes pound-land and Wilko usually in packs of 5 or 10, if you have a very large bird you can buy turkey roasting bags that come in packs of 2.

When you take the chicken out of the bag you should put into the oven the frozen Yorkshire puddings as these usually only take about 5 mins to cook. Then as you strip the chicken serve it up evenly between all the people that will be enjoying the meal and serve the rest up and add gravy to each persons preferences. I like to add some gravy then have some in a mug to one side to use as I get further into the meal.

sunday   roast Sunday  Roast

Then enjoy the meal and impress others with a full Sunday roast without it being too difficult.

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