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My Epic Camembert Pasta

This meal is just about one of the longest meals in description that I know how to make, it came from me changing up a recipe that I found but I changed up the ingredients to ones that I had and liked then added the Camembert because it was in the fridge, and turned out to be one of the best food choices that I have ever made, other than sneaking turkey twizzlers and bacon butties at school when my parents raised me as a vegetarian, as I don’t know what I would do without pork, chicken and beef now.

Camembert Pasta – Ingredients

First we have the ingredients in total it costs about £7-10 and will feed 2-4 people (usually 2 as its addictive and I have found myself forcing myself to eat the last few mouthfuls because it tastes that good)

  • 1 chicken cooked (check out how to cook a chicken in the Sunday roast post) (or to be lazy buy a precooked chicken from a supermarket)
  • 1 jar of pesto (I prefer a spicy red pesto, the 2 I know of are sacla fiery red pesto which I used in this or Tesco Red pesto with chilli, both taste wonderful as this meal needs a nice kick to it)
  • 1 Pack of bacon or gammon (Today I used 1/2 a 500g smoked gammon joint, I prefer to use smoked but non smoked works well too)
  • 1 270g pack of mushrooms (any mushrooms work I usually use button mushrooms and half them but this time due to what was available I used chestnut mushrooms which work wonderfully too)
  • 100g of dry pasta (If you are cooking for more than 2 add 50g of pasta more per person and a second jar of pesto, and if for 5 or more add a third jar)
  • 1 pack of Camembert cheese

canembert pasta 1

canembert pasta 2

The first step is to cook your chicken if you are cooking it from fresh, (If you are check out an easy Sunday roast for how to cook the chicken to perfection. If you have bought a chicken that is pre cooked you need to take the skin off and shred the chicken into 1 cm to 2 cm pieces.

camembert pasta recipe

camembert pasta recipe

For now you need to put the chicken to one side and get a large pan (you’ll want a big pan as this will come in handy later on) and get some water boiling to cook the pasta and cook it to how you like it. I prefer my pasta very soft and not at all chewy which can take 10-15 mins in the pan.

canembert pasta 3

While the pasta is cooking you will want to cut up the gammon or bacon, I used smoked as this meal was for my wonderful wife’s (dupes a girls best friend) birthday dinner as its her favorite meal and she loves smoked bacon/gammon, it also adds an extra depth to the epic flavour of this meal. As well as cutting up the bacon/gammon I cut up the mushrooms into half cm slices.

camembert pasta recipe

As the pasta nears the end of its cooking you need to start frying off the bacon/gammon and mushrooms. to start with half cook the bacon/gammon then add the mushrooms to the same pan as they will soak up some of the smokey flavour which makes them even better. At this point you can add pepper and onion if you wish.

camembert pasta recipe

Once the pasta has cooked you need to drain it off and add the cooked chicken, mushrooms, gammon and the jar of pesto and mix it though on a medium heat. It needs to be a medium heat to heat it though slowly and thoroughly without burning anything but you will need to constantly stir this mix, you might want to rope in a gf/wife/bf/husband as this can be tiring. While it is heating through you need to cut up the Camembert into half inch pieces (I also take the edge off as it dosent melt but I to leave the white stuff on the top and bottom.

camembert pasta recipe

camembert pasta recipe

Next you want to add half the Camembert to the pan and mix in then add the other half, but you need to keep stirring carefully so not to break up the chicken or pasta down into a mush, the meal will end up looking quite mushy anyway so do not worry if it does as it’ll still taste epic. But keep stirring slowly until the Camembert has melted and mixed in.

camembert pasta recipe

Then serve and enjoy and crave more, If there is leftovers you can reheat it easily in a pan or it is also very nice cold for lunch the next day.

canembert pasta

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