How I Buy A Gift For My Wife

When It comes down to buying gifts for my wife which I wish I could do a whole lot more, I used to feel guilty that I couldn’t buy the expensive silver necklaces or diamond earrings or expensive dresses that films always seem to say are the perfect gifts for women.

However I feel like I get a more genuine happy response when I give a present that’s small and thoughtful where I’ve had to think on exactly what I have bought to be the perfect gift for the woman I love. This process usually involves a list of the things that make her smile no matter what that may be from being a tv show to a band to something from her childhood or even a makeup brand. The list can go on for quite a while but once you have the list it the hard part begins, for example recently (in April) we celebrated being married for 6 months and for a quirky present that would mean everything and yet be only around the £5 area was what made perfect sense. As we both are big Grey’s anatomy fans and are re-watching it from the beginning I remembered the post-it note wedding vows the 2 main characters write and frame, and I went online and found the exact wording and colour (as close as I could find) to the one in the show and rewrote it and signed it and waited for my wife to sign it too. The reaction I got from this was awesome as it was the perfect gift to give and not being super expensive means it didn’t blow the bank like a Marc Jacobs bag or new DrMartens or getting the wrong thing from MAC or god forbid buying Lingerie which I personally think is one of the worst things you can buy as a gift for a woman, as it cannot be that comfortable, and its more for the guy than the woman (so in my opinion should be avoided at all costs, if she wants to have that kind of lingerie she will buy it as a present for you). Now I’m not saying that I wouldn’t buy my wife an expensive bag or jewelry if I had the money for it because I would but I am still a firm believer that you will show how much you know your partner if you can get something quirky and spot on. As for jewelry I would not buy something from the shops I would get a good friend who is a qualified jewelry maker to make something custom as she is awesome and will make sure the design is spot on before making a beautiful quality item, check her out on instagram @emmathejeweller.

Right back to the actual present I bought and made.

a simple but effective and fun anniversary present

a simple but effective and fun anniversary present.

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