Taking Your Wifes Last Name – Can a Husband Do It?

Can A Husband Take His Wife’s Last Name

The Short answer is HELL YES however it is a complicated answer that I found out myself when I got married on Halloween 2015.

Now when a woman marries a man it is as simple as her ringing her bank and other various institutions up and telling them she has changed her name from A to B, the same can be said for a man marrying a man or a woman marrying a woman it is a simple process. But when a man marries a woman and wants to take her name instead it gets weird. First people think your weird and then you find yourself constantly defending your decision and also telling people where to stick it when they try taking the piss and saying your under her thumb or your whipped. My personal reasons are my own but in a nutshell I dislike my family and wanted to show my deepest appreciation to my wife’s family for treating me like family very early on when the saw how happy me and my wife are together. But back to name changing in south Yorkshire and everywhere else in England from what I have managed to find out you have to pay about 25-35 pounds to your local county court to get the document stating you have legally changed your name and at the same time you have to stand in front of 3 judges and defend your decision to change it. Now to me this seems EXTREMLEY sexist that a man has to do this and women do not yet in same sex marriages you don’t so it’s discriminatory towards heterosexual men.

I tried to email multiple different county councils and MP’s to see if I could get a response but surprise surprise I haven’t in over 2 weeks, not even an email saying I’ve seen it and am looking into it email back.

You always see when women play the sexism card and win because people are too worried about being seen as discriminatory against women but never is it even considered against men.

But one last thing before people tell me that women are picked on more than men, I am a feminist supporter but for equal rights and equal rules not that one sex is better than the other but that both should abide by the same rules and pay or not pay for the same services especially something as important as a name change that helps define you as a person and gives you a sense of self.

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