Halo Wars 2 – Game Review

Halo Wars 2 – Game Review (Xbox One & PC Windows 10)


Halo Wars 2 is the latest instalment of the huge and from my opinion one of the best franchises ever. This halo game is an RTS (Real Time Strategy) so may not be for everyone. But for a long time I’ve loved strategy games, I don’t buy new games very often usually only at 1 a year and I play a lot of the Xbox Live free games with gold (more on that in anther post to come). However Halo Wars 2 was a MUST have as 8 years ago when Halo Wars came out I loved it and played it to death a few times where I had to get a new disk. Halo Wars came out on general release today (21/02/17) but for those who pre-ordered it we got it 4 days early and here is my opinion of the game and the campaign without spoilers.


In this campaign you arrive 28 years after Halo Wars 1 finishes and you meet new enemies and allies with a multitude of new units and some of the old and much loved units still there. The campaign is only 12 missions longer but with more missions promised in the future DLC it promises to be interesting. The replay ability of the campaign is very high as there is a lot of unlockable content to be gained giving better insight into each of the banished and human leaders and extra details on all the units in the game so you can figure out more of how you want to play.

(This is Isabel one of the new playable leaders for the UNSC, picture screenshotted from a cut scene in game)

The campaign is well designed giving you new units slowly and in situations that teach you how best to deploy and use them but still being challenging if you play on normal or heroic difficulties, Legendary is beyond my abilities right now.

(This is Atriox the leader of the Banished and a mean brute with a bad attitude, and a playable leader, picture screenshotted from a cut scene in game)

There is a CO-OP mode for campaign but it takes good communication to play well as you share resources and bases and population limit so you have to be careful and tactical with how you share units out with each other.

Deathmatch & Blitz

Deathmatch is back and is the same as the first game where you play 1V1 2V2 or 3V3 and batter each other until one team is victorious however the difference from the first is that its not a race to see who can build an army of air or tanks first as the units are wonderfully balanced where infantry kill air, vehicles kill infantry and air kill vehicles with the odd exception where the unit is specifically anti-air/tank/infantry so your armies have to be balanced. You can still build mini armies quickly and rush the enemies but this is counterable and not always a good idea. But more on that in posts coming soon on specific leaders.

Blitz is very different and hard to explain apart from as you level up in Halo Wars 2 you get card packs that unlock units for Blitz so when you play you can play 1V1 2V2 3V3 and you get points that you spend on using cards to call units in and you have to take and hold 2 of the 3 nodes on the map to gain points while fighting the enemy units. Periodically through the time energy nodes drop that you have to destroy and collect so you increase the rate at which you earn points to call in better and more units to play. in this game mode you only get a choice of 12 cards out of your collection so you need to think on how to build your deck to best counter every possibility that the other team will throw at you. (but more that in later posts along with how I build my decks for different leaders)


All in All Halo Wars 2 is Fantastic


To sum Halo Wars 2 up its fantastic and a lot of fun with a beautifully balanced unit build and some amazing graphics and attention to detail on the maps and units and combat. Also with the cutscenes within the campaign they are stunning and great to watch. The only bugbears I have so far is that the campaign didn’t feel finished I understand this is because they want to bring out an extra few missions in the DLC but its still a good campaign and story bringing you to the timeline of halo 5 and setting it up for a third halo wars game, the other issue I have is that there are some units that are a little overpowered at the start of a multiplayer match and I’d like to see that rectified a little but once you get 15-20 mins into a game and you have all the upgrades its all about smart army building and strategy and communication with your team. I would whole heartedly suggest you get this game if you like strategy games and halo games as its great fun and quite fast paced once you get a good online matchup.


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